Press Release: Oscar de la Renta met with SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion


 The “Oscar de la Renta” High Fashion, met with the “Sarigianni” Fur Fashion in a Dinner with exquisite flavors!

The Alfredo’s Grand Dining in the Regency Casino Thessaloniki, at Saturday, November 15, opened its doors to the famous couture house Oscar de la Renta, a fashion gala dinner for special guests!.

Luxurious fabrics and elegant creations that highlight the femininity of every woman, cocktail dresses and haute couture, was the house of proposals for Fall-Winter 2015.

During the gala, Moody fur “SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion” presented models from their collection!

The hairstyles of the models edited the Yanni Hair Spa, makeup was SEPHORA products while for styling the show made sure the students of the faculty AKTO.

Alongside the impressive display, the guests were able to enjoy the unique gourmet creations of Executive Chef Apostle Altana which satisfy the most discerning palate.

Another magical night that satisfies all the senses, successfully organized.

Thank you All!