“The Furry Tale” – A Tale of Fur Coming Soon…

The Furry Tale is the first short film screening of furs

Sarigianni Fur Fashion, for once again sets the rules in the modern fur fashion. This time the innovation is the first short film screening of furs. During the second and third week of October, in a beautiful and picturesque village of Greece “Klisoura” near the town of Kastoria completed shooting the first film fur.

The initial results of our effort is extremely successful and we are proud to present to the world the first samples of our work.

The Red Fur coat, the White Fur coat, and the Black Fur coat are starring in this movie

Enjoy them!
The Director is Peter Smixiotis and the Director of Photography are Lefteris Chryssikopoulos and Alex Karmios.

The film is supported with State of the art VFX, which curated from a very experienced crew where the head of is a VFX supervisor who also worked at global Blockbusters like THOR, – CAPTAIN AMERICA, – IRON MAN e.t.c.


Cinema crane: Christos Michalopoulos

Gaffer: Vaggelis Kalabritinos

Camera assistant: Chris

Storyboard artist: Eirini Vretou

Music and sound design: Giannis Euaggelidis & Ilias Kolkas

Art Director: Natasa

Hydraulic Crane Operator: Nikolaos Toumgiannidis

Head GRIP DEPARTMENT: Dimitris Slimistinos

Special Constructions and  special effects: Grigoris Xrysikopoulos

Construction Stage: Thomas Slimistinos

For the productions, we also want to thank the local businesses:
Chalet Sourino (Hotelier Pantelides) – IRIS catering (Tom Andreopoulos) – BIZIOS (Technical office – Worksite) – FELICITY Atelier – (Wedding House) – SPIROS BELLOS (HP) – DESIGNE JEWELS (Signe Michael) – ASPASIA STASINOPOULOU (Hair Style) – WIN TSARVENA (Makeup artist).

Last but not least, a special thanks to president (k.Taso Gogo) and members of the cultural association Kleisouras “The DARVARIS” and the residents Kleisouras for their contribution to the smooth execution of production.

Finally, noting that the making of rich photographic material produced Slimistinos Dimitris Dimitris Smixiotis Panagoulias and Nicholas who was responsible for the analog video that will  be published then.

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