Put colors in your life with a beautiful Fur Coat

It’s official, SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion are at the cutting edge of fashion trends for Winter 2016!

Now the cold weather is upon us again, it seems that fashion designers all over the world have come to realize that fur is once again the material “du jour” and are rushing to bring their latest fur creations to the catwalk. Fur coats can be seen at all the best fashion houses this season, and the very hottest trend for Winter 2016 is the colored fur coat!

Now the season of snow and ice has come around, what better way to keep warm than by wearing a stylish and colorful fur coat?


Top TREND ALERT for Winter 2016!

SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion specialize in designing and creating elegant and fashionable fur coats for people with a unique and personal sense of style. Anyone who has a passion for fashion and yet wants to create a look with an individual flair should check out our spectacular and luxurious Full Fur Collection.

It is hard to beat the timeless elegance of a fur coat. Infinitely stylish with a hint of movie star glamor, there is a wealth of styles to select from, from short trendy jacket designs to full length spectacular coats. Perfect for all occasions from the casual to the formal, there is nothing quite so versatile as a beautiful and impeccably designed fur coat from SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion.

For generations, fur coats have only been available in traditional colors – black, brown, cream, gray and white, however today, SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion have brought wearing furs straight into the 21st century with their brand new range of exciting and colorful fur coats in a host of thrilling shades.

What better way to make a splash than by sporting a vibrant purple fur jacket? Catch the eye when you choose a gorgeous blue fur gilet design or turn heads in a spectacular red fur cape. SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion can provide an amazing, bright design in the best quality fur to match every outfit and to suit every taste.

Whatever the occasion, it couldn’t be easier to wear furs now that they are available in gorgeous bright hues. These new colorful designs bring a contemporary, modern look to fur fashion that makes it even simpler to match with any wardrobe. While more traditional fur colors can sometimes appear very formal, vibrant and colorful furs bring a more casual hint to an outfit making these beautiful coats ideal for wear in all kinds of situations. Whether shopping with girlfriends, attending the theater or dining at your favorite restaurant, colorful furs are the perfect clothing solution.

Why spend the winter huddled up in a plain and dull coat when you can bring the brightness of summer into those dark, chilly days with a colorful fur jacket? It’s all too easy to be sucked into the dullness of the cold season, and as the sky is gray and stormy, so we can often end up wearing darker shades and boring colors. Lighten up your life, and the lives of all around you when you opt for one of SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion’s bright fur coats.

We create all our coats for unique people who have their own special and characteristic style as well as offer them modern , elegant and also luxurious fur creations!

There is no better way to keep warm than by wearing a cosy fur coat. Much warmer than synthetic fabrics, traditionally, furs have been used to keep humans warm for generations. Now you can not only stay toasty in the chill but you can also look the height of fashion in one of SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion’s stunning bright coats. You will be the envy of all your friends and will attract attention far and wide in any of these timeless yet completely modern classics for 2016.

Whatever your favorite color, SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion has the perfect coat for you. Are you a fan of the girly look? A pretty, baby pink jacket with gorgeous detailing at the hem and neckline is ideal. Do you adore summery shades? Then a stylish yellow jacket with 3/4 length sleeves will fit the bill. All the most up to date colors are represented, from the cute ultra-short lime green jacket to the stunning longer length burnt orange coat with beautiful full cuffs. Perhaps you are looking for a touch of gothic appeal? A lovely long length hot pink design or a crimson belted style is right up your street. If you are searching for a bright fur coat that is colorful and yet a little more muted, a more traditional honey mustard mink might be a better choice, or a luxury full length dark cranberry fur.

If you really want to catch the eye, why not go for the ultimate in colorful furs? A two tone fur could be the ideal item to update your wardrobe and bring it bang up to date with contemporary trends. A gorgeous blue night round neck coat brings a hint of color into a traditional style, whether you go for the striped option or the choice with bright blue sleeves.

Perhaps you are wanting to bring some bright furs into your wardrobe but a coat isn’t for you? No problem as SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion has a host of other wonderful fur items that combine the luxury of furs with the practicality of infinitely wearable fashion items. You will be sure to turn heads if you team the stunning orchid fur dress with a pair of skinny trousers and some beautiful heels, or twin a funky bright orange gilet with your favorite jeans and top for a hint of high fashion and elegance in a casual wardrobe.

Cool animal prints are all the rage and can be worn for all occasions. A leopard print mink jacket can be dressed down for the day and then worn with your favorite formal dress for a big night out. If animal prints aren’t your thing, but you want a short cape design that can effortlessly transfer from day to night, a purple high necked design is just the ticket.

For sheer versatiliy, comfort and durability, a colorful fur from SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion is hard to beat. Your fashion conscious purchase will not only look wonderful today but, thanks to the timeless nature of fur, you can be sure of countless years of happy wearing to come.

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