2016 Is Here At Last, So Get Your Hands On The Latest Fur Coats!

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Fur coats is the ultimate luxury item!

Something you can wear proudly and display to others and yet which serves a practical and beautiful function, fur coats, jackets or other clothing items make the perfect investment for any woman who values style and high fashion.

Furs have long held a special significance for humans for centuries, and although they may have fallen from favor for a short while in recent times, today real fur has burst back into the public consciousness in a big way.
Winter 2016 saw major fashion houses rushing to bring colorful and stylish Fur coats to the catwalk, and now you too can seize the opportunity to look cutting edge by getting your hands on the best fur coats 2016 can provide. SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion specializes in supplying the finest and most up to date styles in fur coats, jackets and clothing. Since 1969, we have been proud to design and manufacture gorgeous garments and accessories from only the highest quality fur coats, and boast the finest handcrafted products. With more than 45 years of experience in the fashion industry, we use our skills and expertise to choose only the best furs and we are dedicated to keeping our look both classic yet bang on trend.


High Fashion For Unique Individuals

No woman of taste wants to follow the herd, and creating a unique yet stylish look is paramount to forging an identity as an individual. If you want to fully express the special facets of your personality in the best possible way, a mink fur coat could be the perfect way to do it. There is no more beautiful expression of individuality than by selecting the perfect fur coat for you, be it a traditional design or a more contemporary garment. Each fur coat is a one of a kind creation, sumptuously created especially to make the wearer feel a million dollars. No other fashion trend can come near the glamour and elegance of a luxurious mink fur coats, and today’s modern women can find whichever style best suits their taste.


High Fashion For Unique Individuals Fur coats.


Movie Star Glamor

Sumptuous fur coats perfectly embody the essence of movie star and celebrity glamour. Calling to mind the classical splendor of the golden age of 1920’s and 1930’s cinema, the most traditional fur coats 2016 has to offer reflect perfectly the radiance and brilliance of this bygone age of beauty. Fur holds a timeless quality that renders it as appropriate today in the 21st century as it ever was in the past, and women who wear this luxury material today will look every bit as wonderful as the glamorous and chic stars of days gone by.


Fur coats and actors of the golden age of cinema



Practical Yet Stunning

The fur coats may seem to be an expensive choice, however this pales into insignificance when you consider the practicality of this gorgeous material. Far superior to synthetic fabrics, fur coats are able to keep the wearer warm in the way that nature intended, harnessing the power of natural materials for added cosiness throughout the colder season. Genuine fur is isothermal and breathable, making it the best choice on an icy winter’s day. While keeping the wearer toasty on chilly days, fur coats also look more beautiful than any other type of garment. With a luxurious appeal and a gorgeous texture, there is no other coat so stylish and eye catching. If you want to turn heads while keeping warm this winter, you could do no better than to choose a beautiful mink fur coat.


Long-Lived Durability

Today’s modern synthetic fabrics may be attractive when first purchased, but will rapidly wear out or fall from fashion. 21st century materials may look stylish for a short time, but within a year or so, the appeal will have faded and the garment will be consigned to the back of the wardrobe, forgotten and neglected. Not so a beautiful fur coat. There are few materials as durable as fur, and your investment will look as perfect in the future as it does on the day it is bought. It is also a fact that fur never goes out of style, and even the most contemporary fur garments will still be just as wearable in a decade as they are in 2016. Fur will not degrade or deteriorate, and will still maintain a gorgeous lustre for many years after its purchase. It is a proven fact that furs are resistant to attack from moths, so there is no need to worry, however long your furs are stored. When you invest in a fur coat from SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion, you are investing in the future of fashion. While other, cheaper coats will have been discarded, your stunning mink fur coat will still be worn with pride, will be looking as good as new, and will still be turning heads.


Top Designers Love Fur

There is a reason why the high street emulates the top designer labels. The world’s top fashion houses specialize in discovering and utilizing the latest trends, bringing them to the public eye and giving the fashion conscious something to aspire to. In the Winter season of 2015/2016, the biggest names in high fashion including Christian Dior and Prada brought their top fur fashion designs to fashion shows from Paris to Milan. From fur trimmed accessories to full mink capes and fox fur stoles, all the best designers are bent on bringing fur back in style. All this means that there couldn’t be a better time to get your hands on a fine fur coat as you can make a statement while looking bang on trend.


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The Top Look For Winter 2016

The gloomy and cold winter season is upon us again and as the days get shorter and the skies get grayer, it can be a tough time for keen followers of fashion. Winter styles can be dull and boring, with a tendency to reflect the dark and murky gloom of the season in the fashions of this time of year. For ladies who want to bring the vibrancy and radiance of summer into the dark of winter, a colorful fur coat could be the perfect solution. While thick, warm and cosy enough to block out even the sharpest of winds, the latest fur fashions for the 2016 winter season are in the brightest shades. Perfect for wear in all weathers, there is nothing more eye catching on a dark January day than a stunning mink fur coat.


With Fur coats for 2016 impress the world of fashion


Colors For Every Woman

There was once a time when buying a real fur coat meant choosing a traditional hue. Although the traditional whites, blacks, browns and grays of the classic fur coat are still available, the styles available for 2016 bring a host of different and contemporary colors within easy reach. Not so long ago, anyone who wanted a fur coat in lime green or burnt orange would have to buy synthetic look-alike fabrics, with none of the luxury, class or durable elegance of a real fur coat. Today, thanks to modern expertise, ladies who are on the lookout for bright colors and yet cherish the glamor of a true fur coat can find the genuine article in the vibrant shades that meet their exacting requirements. From subtle mustard hues to hot pinks, and from burning crimsons to unusual purples, today it is possible to source real furs to match every outfit in your wardrobe.


Dress It Up Or Dress It Down

Thanks to today’s contemporary and colorful fur garments, a fur coat or jacket is no longer the preserve of the formal occasion. Although the unique glamour of a traditional black or white full length fur coat is perfect for any evening event, some of the more funky and trendy garments are just as at home on a girl’s night out or casual shopping trip as at a ball or high class restaurant. This means that whether your tastes tend towards the classic or veer towards the ultra-modern, there is sure to be the perfect real fur garment to meet your needs. There is nothing quite so versatile as fur, so wear it to every occasion, from weddings and social gatherings to evenings at the theater, and always look your best.


Stylish Fur Garments For Every Occasion

When many people think of fur clothing, they immediately call the classic mink fur coat to mind, however these days there is a huge breadth of choice in the fur fashion market. SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion is dedicated to bringing their consumers only the best and most fashionable garments made from the best quality fur, and although the range does comprise gorgeous fur coats, it also includes a selection of other impeccably designed and produced clothing items. If a full length fur coat doesn’t quite meet your fashion needs, why not consider a funky short mink jacket in a selection of beautiful colors? Perhaps you are looking for a cool fur item that is trendy enough to wear every day with all your wardrobe staples from the casual to the formal? A gorgeous detailed gilet could be just the ticket. Perhaps you want to make a statement at an indoor event where a coat would not be required? A stunning fur dress is the ultimate in luxury fashion statements. There is a fur garment to suit every possible occasion, and to meet the requirements of even the most exacting shoppers.


Two Tones And Animal Prints

Animal prints are hot news on the catwalk and are a timeless classic in their own right. Now you can combine the best of fur and animal print trends with a cutting edge animal print fur jacket with a luxury contemporary appeal. Suiting ladies of all ages, this ultra-modern jacket possesses enough classic styling to please even the most traditional of shoppers. What could be more stunning than a colorful fur garment? A two tone colorful fur garment of course! Sarigianni Fur Fashion can meet your needs with amazing dresses in two colors of fur as well as stunning jackets in blue and black stripes and with contrast fur sleeves. There is no more effective way to turn heads wherever you go!


Sensual and Splendid

Wearers since ancient times can vouch for the comfort of fur garments. There is an entirely unique sensation when touching this beautiful material, and nothing feels quite so wonderful against the skin. As well as providing exemplary warmth during cold conditions, fur also has a sensual appeal that not only catches the eye but also encourages the touch. What better way to show your sensuality as a woman than by wearing a splendid fur coat that perfectly embodies all the femininity of the modern lady?


An Ecologically Friendly Trade

Fur fell from favor in recent times as activists started to campaign against its use, saying that wearing fur is cruel to animals. Nothing could be further from the truth however, and in fact using fur in fashion clothing is actually a perfect example of utilizing renewable resources sustainably – a principle that has been endorsed and indeed actively promoted by world wildlife organizations. Modern government regulation ensures that no endangered species are ever used to supply furs for the fashion industry and therefore shoppers can invest in genuine fur garments safe in the knowledge that they are choosing an ecologically and environmentally sound option.


Celebrity Fashion Trends

It goes without saying that we are all inspired by big name celebrities from the world of music, politics and movies. Who then can fail to be impressed by huge stars and fashion icons like Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Cher, Kim Kardashian and Hilary Clinton who have all been seen out in public endorsing and wearing the latest stylish furs? While the whole world looks to these stars to discover what the best dressed are wearing this season, what greater encouragement could there be to invest in fur garments for 2016? Even Vogue magazine’s own Anna Wintour has been spotted sporting spectacular colorful fur trimmed clothing, bringing the trend right into the eye of the media. Invest in your own touch of the celebrity lifestyle when you buy a stunning mink fur coat from SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion┬áthis season.


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