Lazaros Sarigiannis born in 1956 in a beautiful and picturesque village in north-western Greece, the Kaloneri.

He came in first contact with the art of fur in early 1969. He began his involvement with the fur sewing and soon discovered that he had a special talent for design. Put simply, the choice of professional activity and interest to learn as much as he could about the fur manufacturing came to a successful marriage of artistic temperament with the creative involvement.

The fur was his great love for which has not ceased to work feverishly until today.
In the following years working constantly learning as much as you respect the art of fur, seeking knowledge and gaining experience with a view to bring himself into one of the best designers worldwide.

The year 1976 is called from his home to serve to honor the Greek army. Happy with difficult conditions, and daily difficulties, but Lazaro Sarigianni not paid by the difficulties and continues to work and create without daunted. In the morning served as a soldier his homeland while nights alone designs and sews fur coat.

The attention is not disrupted by any external factor after only purpose in his heart and soul was the creation and manufacture of fur coat.

The exceptional dedication and love for the manufacture of our products,

which is created with great care as to the quality and appearance of fur coat , are the reasons we highlight , as one of the most favorite brands furs even for the most demanding customers.

The hitherto particular our success, ensures us the opportunity to look to the future with optimism but also pushes us to expand our activities in the field of fashion is constantly posing new goals and creative visions

Today is a Reality!

We are happy to acknowledge that the vision of our founder “Lazaros Sarigiannis” to see the SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion remain constant, as one of the top worldwide to list brands fur , Today is a Reality!

Our Points of Sales

You can find our Sales Points in several locations World Wide. We love to meet you!


America & Canada

In 1978, after having fulfilled his military service, separated for the first time his beloved homeland, namely the birthplace, temporarily relocating first to Canada and then to America.

Training & further education

Its primary objective is none other than training and further education and above all leading to qualifications in the art of fur. At the same time it starts to investigate and choose the areas which will form the input sources of the necessary but always top quality raw material for manufacture of fur.


Creates the factory

Returns in 1980 in Greece. In 1982 he gets the work permit as a fur and creates its own factory, relying on his forces. Starts sewing and selling his creations alone.

From 1982 to Today…

• In 1982 creates its first stores in Thessaloniki and Alexandria Imathias and successfully continues its business in other Greek cities such as Athens, Ioannina, Preveza, Stylida, Lamia, Loutraki. • In 1993 the beach of Katerini begins a new period for the production activity of the company. Creating original and unique models and designs penetrates wholesale achieving cooperate with Russia. Alongside born company SARIGIANNI FUR FASHION. • In 2000 continues with sales points in Greece, Russia and Dubai. • In 2013 the children of Susie and Kyriako Sarigianni open with MINK FARM and business SARIGIANNI successfully expanding in this area.

Today, in the year 2015, the company consists of branches in Greece, Russia and Dubai.


More Than Ever!

Now more than ever you can find the company SARIGIANNI the largest variety of exclusive models, which are outstanding because of their high quality and because of the unrivalled prices.