Who we are

The SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion is an award-winning fashion brand in fur with registered trademark.

The company SARIGIANNI today is the result of years of experience and dedication which all began from 1969.

All of the products, from garments to accessories, from the finest furs to the most exotic leather and coats, are carefully hand crafted and selected – the same way of workmanship from more than 48 years ago.


All these years, we create our coats for unique people who have their own special and characteristic style. As well as offer them modern , elegant and also luxurious fur creations!

The exceptional dedication and love for the manufacture of our products,

which is created with great care as to the quality and appearance of fur coat , are the reasons we highlight , as one of the most favorite brands furs even for the most demanding customers.

The hitherto particular our success, ensures us the opportunity to look to the future with optimism but also pushes us to expand our activities in the field of fashion is constantly posing new goals and creative visions

Today is a Reality!

We are happy to acknowledge that the vision of our founder “Lazaros SarigianniS” to see the SARIGIANNI Fur Fashion remain constant, as one of the top worldwide to list brands fur , Today is a Reality!

Our Points of Sales

You can find our Sales Points in several locations World Wide. We love to meet you!